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123 CareToolkit

Check out 123CareToolkit, a trauma sensitive toolkit for parents and caregivers, developed by Spokane Regional Health District.    

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

In recognition of the efforts to improve school climate and reduce rates of Young boy holds a sign announcing "October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month."bullying nationwide, the Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention (FPBP) are proud to release a variety of resources aimed at informing youth, those who work with youth, members

When Parents Talk about Prescription Drug Abuse, Kids Listen (Even If They Pretend Not To)

In the age of smartphones, teens are so immersed in media that it may seem hard to get their attention. SAMHSA recently found that one in five parents of teens didn’t think they had much influence on whether their teen used substances. Even worse, one in ten parents of teens hadn’t spoken to their child about substance use within the past year.

Locate High Quality Child-Care Providers

Parent Aware’s Star Ratings help parents find programs that go above and beyond to prepare children for school and life. Their one- to four-star ratings system – a free service – measures best practices identified by research that help children succeed.

“Talk. They Hear You.”

You can keep your child alcohol free. Check out SAMHSA's new resources to start—Talk (White)and continue—talking with them about the dangers of underage drinking. “Talk.

Taking Action to Prevent Suicide

Youth who are contemplating suicide frequently give warning signs of their suicidal thinking. Parents, teachers, coaches, youth workers and friends are in a key position to recognize these signs and get help. Never take these warning signs lightly or promise to keep them secret.

¡Los niños cuentan!

¡Los niños cuentan! Mensaje Para Padres
Las conexiones son importantes.


El factor número uno para prevenir que los niños tomen malas decisiones es la conexión con adultos consistentes y confiables en el hogar, la escuela y en la comunidad.

La Intimidación/Acoso: Como Prevenirlo, Interceptarlo y Detenerlo

Aunque el acoso sucede no es un rito de iniciación. Nuestros niños están siendo influenciados diariamente por medio de la televisión, Internet, los videojuegos y las películas con mensajes e imágenes de cómo solucionar un conflicto, de una manera inapropiada y poco saludable. Como padres, necesitamos contrarrestar estos mensajes directamente enseñando y demostrando empatia, respeto, compromiso y compasión.

Parent Power: Preventing Alcohol and Drug Use

Parents are the most powerful influence in their child’s life and have immense impact in their decision to not use drugs and alcohol.

Bullying: How to Prevent it, Intercept it, and Stop it

Although bullying does occur, it is not a rite of passage. Our children are being influenced daily through reality TV, internet, video games, and movies with messages and images of inappropriate and unhealthy conflict resolution.  As parents, we need to directly counteract these messages by teaching and role modeling empathy, respect, compromise and compassion.