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Bullying affects all aspects of children from their school success to how they feel about themselves.  Many parents are interested in learning more about how to recognize signs and, more importantly what to do and where to get help. 

One of the most important things you can do to prevent bullying is raise peaceful kids by teaching through example non-violent problem solving.  All kids need to learn positive skills for getting along with others, skills they can use if someone is bullying them or one of their friends. 

Parents need to learn about recognizing and responding to bullying including the signs a child is being bullied as well as the signs a child may be bullying others.  We've also included tips on what to do when a child is being bullied and when you're concerned a child may be bullying others. 

Additional Resources:

Stop Bullying Now is an interactive website with content geared towards both children and adults with special sections for families and for youth advisors.  This website is also available in Spanish. 

Teens Against Bullying is a website for teens with information and resources about bullying.