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Worried about a Child or Young Person?

As parents, our job is to look ahead at the risks our children may face, prepare for them, and courageously do everything we can to prevent our children from experiencing bad outcomes. Preparing for the teen years is different from, but just as important as, child proofing our homes.  Only in this case, we might think of it more as "environment proofing" our children. 

Children and young people face many challenges and choices as they grow up.  Parents who want to keep their children safe need to be aware of the risky situations kids are exposed to and help prepare their child to make healthy choices.  We can't stick our heads in the sand thinking "not our child" or "not in our community".

Usually, it takes time for problems to become critical, life threatening or intolerable.  If we know what to look for, there are usually warning signs that a child may be getting into trouble.  It is important to act quickly when when you see warning signs.  The consequences when children don’t get the help they need can be tragic.

In this section, we have gathered information that will help you to take action to keep children and young people safe from these common risks: